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 MigWars! Cool Game in mig33

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PostSubject: MigWars! Cool Game in mig33   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:54 pm

s4ints81 wrote:
Hi guys,

We've just launched our very own version of MigWars! Read more about it here:


and get some help tips here:

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PostSubject: Re: MigWars! Cool Game in mig33   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:26 pm


  • MigWars is a gangster game set in Chicago, during the 20’s when gangsters ruled the streets. Your goal is to complete missions, fight, and earn MigCash in your quest to become the top gangster at MigWars.

Character Profile on My Stats
The strength of your character as a gangster is defined by your Profession, Skill Points, Attack, Defense, Energy, Stamina and Health. They will determine how well you work missions, fight, and advance in the game

  • Profession:
    Select a profession and get an edge at certain aspects of the game. You choose your profession when you start playing, but you can change it at any time by the Big Boss.

  • Skill Points:
    Skill points are used to permanently increase your Attack, Defense, Max Energy, Max Stamina, and Max Health attributes. You gain skill points by leveling up and mastering all missions in a location. You can see the Big Boss to upgrade your skill points.

Attack contributes 50% to how well you fight against others (your Items and Gang Size contribute the rest). When fighting, your Attack value is compared to your rival’s Defense value. The higher the Attack value is compared to Defense, the better the chances of winning.

  • When attacked, your Defense is compared to your opponent’s Attack when determining the Fight outcome.

  • Max Energy:
    Energy is used for missions and regenerates over time, up to the maximum value.

  • Max Stamina:
    Stamina is used when fighting (1 stamina per fight). Like Energy, Stamina regenerates over time up to this maximum value.

  • Max Health:
    Health determines how long you can fight. Once your Health goes below 25, you can not fight anymore. On the other hand, health also regenerates over time, where it can go back up to its maximum value.

  • Perform missions to gain experience and increase your MigCash stash. Certain missions also give you a chance to come away with a Looted item, which may be required for a future mission or sold back to the store.

  • Mission Locations:
    Missions are divided into multiple locations. You unlock new missions and locations as you level up. Look out for the Change Location link to start doing missions in other locations.

Mission Requirements:
  • Missions require a certain Gang Size and specific items to perform them. You will be informed on what gang size or items are needed to complete a mission

  • Mission Mastery:
    Your mastery of a mission level increases as you complete a mission. You will get a bonus when you’ve reached a 100%. You also get a location bonus once you’ve mastered all missions in a location.

  • You can master all missions twice (Level 1 and Level 2). But you must master all missions at Level 1 in a location before you can start Level 2 mastery of that location.

  • Fight other MigWars players to gain experience, steal their MigCash, make a name for yourself, and to get revenge.

  • Use Stamina to fight. You use 1 Stamina per fight and when it reaches 0, you can’t fight again until your Stamina regenerates or you recharge it. When you or your Rival’s Health goes below 25, neither of you can fight again until your Health regenerates or is recharged. The exception though is the Hit List. Anyone on the Hit List can be attacked until their Health reaches 0.

  • Attack Strength:
    Your Profile Attack value plus the sum of your items attack value determine your attack strength. While the number of Items you use in a fight is determined by your gang size.

  • For every gang member you have, you use 1 weapon, 1 protection and 1 vehicle — automatically using the best item in each category, or the ones with the highest Attack values.

  • Your Attack is compared to your rival’s Defense, and the sum of your Items Attack is compared to the sum of your Rival’s Items Defense when determing the probability of winning a fight. There is lower probability

  • MigCash and the Bank
    MigCash is the game currency used to buy in-game Items and Rackets, pay Item Upkeep, and to heal yourself at the Hospital. You can choose to keep MigCash on hand, or you can deposit any amount in the Bank. MigCash on hand is used to pay for Items and Rackets while those deposited in the Bank is used to pay the Hospital.

The Bank:
  • Keep MigCash in the Bank to protect it from being stolen from your opponents during fights. However, for this protection, you pay a 10% laundering fee when depositing money into the bank.

  • Hourly Collection:
    Every hour, you collect income from your rackets and pay item upkeep. If your Upkeep is greater than your Income, you will lose money hourly. If you run out of MigCash, Items will be sold to cover the debt. The items with the highest Upkeep will be sold first.

  • Rackets and Income
    Rackets can be purchased to provide an hourly stream of income. You receive income from your rackets every hour (or less, if you have the right Boosts), regardless of whether you are online or not. Use the income to offset Item Upkeep, and to accumulate money for better items and more rackets.

  • The price for a Racket increases as you buy more, so buy different kinds of rackets to maximize your income.

Items and Upkeep
  • Items are used for Missions and when Fighting. They can also provide valuable Boosts to your game play. There are five types of items: Weapons, Protection, Vehicles and Loots. And you can purchase all of these items with your MigCash.

  • Items for Missions:
    To complete a mission, you will need to purchase some items. You will be told how many items you will need to buy. However, in some missions, you will have the chance to get items as loots. Look out for these missions where you will be told when a Loot can be found.

  • Items for Fighting:
    Each member of your Gang will use 1 weapon, 1 protection and 1 vehicle during a fight. Use the items that have the best Defense when being attacked, and use the items with the best attack when on offense.

  • Item Upkeep:
    It is important to have enough income from [rackets] to offset the Upkeep of your Items. If your income is negative and you run out of MigCash, Items will be sold for you as needed, with the highest Upkeep items first to go.

  • Gang Size and Recruiting
    The size of your Gang determines how many Items you can use in Fights. In addition, most missions will require that you have a certain number of Gang members in order for you to complete them.

  • Use the Recruit page to get your friends into your Gang. You can easily add people from your Mig33 friends list who are playing MigWars or invite friends who are non-Mig33 users to play by sending them SMS or e-mail.

  • Mercenaries:
    Out of friends? Hire a Mob member for a small one-time fee.

Seeing the Big Boss
  • See the Big Boss to buy in-game advantages with your MigCash. They will help you level up faster, improve your abilities, change your specialty, or buy a Boost that shortens your recharge times or helps you out in a Fight. You can also recharge your Health, buy a Hired Gun and get more MigCash.

Health and the Hospital
  • Health determines whether or not you can Fight. If your health goes below 25, you can not fight until you heal. On the other hand, exception is if you are on the Hit List. In that case, Rivals will be able to attack you until your health goes to 0.

  • You can heal yourself at the Hospital using MigCash. Each visit will cost you some MigCash from your bank account, so make sure your bank has enough funds before visiting. As you level up it will cost more to visit the Hospital. You can also heal yourself by Seeing the Big Boss if your MigCash is low.

Hit List
  • This is your chance to launch a payback attack to your rivals! You can add MigWars players on the Hit list and see them get attacked until killed.

Your Journal
  • Your Journal keeps track of who attacked you, who added or dropped you from their Gang, and Hit List events.

** For comments, suggestions, questions and bug reports, please send us an e-mail at: migwars@mig33.com

**extracted from http://blog.mig33.com/new-migwars **
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MigWars! Cool Game in mig33
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